Specialize in producing of high quality connector solutions with competitive price

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High quality, customer centered!


Specialize in producing of high quality connector solutions with competitive price

Have you encountered the following confusion when choosing a connector?

Have you encountered the following confusion when choosing a connector?

The total price of the connector is 30-50% higher and MOQ?

What is the lead time of the connector? Does it take about 5-8 weeks?

Does the cycle of sample request take 10-15 days?

After placing an order, do you always pay first and then deliver?

Are you concerned that it is not the manufacturer? Is the quality guaranteed?

How does the connector match? Is there any technical guidance?

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Core advantage!

Specialized in WAFER industry for 10 years

High Quality
High Quality

High Quality

Diverse varieties, complete specifications, obvious advantages

★Specialized in WAFER industry for 10 years.

★Professional certification.

★Strict quality control to ensure there is no defective product flow out the factory.

★We can provide line end sets product to our customers, it will avoid poor matching issue.

Quality Service
Quality Service

Quality Service

Customer foremost, Integrity-based, 24 Hours professional service team

★Factory self-produced WAFER products more than 2000 items.

★You can receive response within 4 Hours about your troubles and demands.

★Professional & standardized engineer team to make sure that our customers demands can be communicated and responded in efficiency way.

Low Cost
Low Cost

Low Cost

Professional production team, the lowest cost

★Have independent R&D team, develop and produce capacity.

★Automatic production mechanical facilities to replace the whole processing of the manual operation.

★Professionally, standardized, large automatic production.

Hotline: +86-769-81505735

Professional customization


Free samples for you


Thanks to the following customers for our choice

Gekang Electronic

Gekang electronics, Department of Limited by Share Ltd (Greenconn Corporation) Glenn in Shenzhen subsidiary company, founded in 1996, is a professional R & D / design / production and sales of Taiwan funded enterprises connector. Our main products are: all kinds of plate end connector, pin row mother, all kinds of wire, high frequency, line, RJ45, USB series, widely used in computers, computer peripheral equipment, commercial electronic equipment, communications, MP3, digital camera etc.. In order to be more efficient, more perfect service to all the customers, the company has set up gerkan electronics in Shenzhen (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. (foreign investment), Zhao Li Electronics Factory (processing factory), and Suzhou to build gerkan Electronic Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (foreign investment). The company is currently the main customers: ASUS (ASUS), OMRON (OMRON), LITEON (g-com), Schneider (Schneider), Uniden, ARCHOS, Mitac (youlidian) (Han Da), Astec (Emerson son company), YAMAHA... Wait for the customer.


Chaoyi Electronic

January 2013, Guangzhou Chaoyi Electronics Co., Ltd. lighting division. The company mainly in optoelectronic professional top personnel returning from overseas technology as the core, relying on Zhongshan University semiconductor lighting system research center and the Zhongshan University Foshan Institute of research and development platform, development and cooperation is committed to the field of semiconductor lighting technology, its own intellectual property rights. Mainly engaged in semiconductor lighting and backlight Light Emitting Diode (LED) epitaxial materials and chip products as well as high color integrated light source module R & D, production, sales and technical services. At present, there are nearly 10000 square meters of semiconductor lighting products R & D, production base, has a complete LED chip R & D line and the first high color index integrated light source module automatic production line.

Our main products are commercial lighting, Home Furnishing lighting, color temperature adjustable functional lighting lamp light source, light source, fresh plant growth lamp, lamp lighting source and lighting lamp series, also can provide power, the two lens, reflective glass, optics, thermal design and other one-stop solutions and supporting service for customers.

The company has a full range of LED light source R & D, production machine testing equipment, is the leading unit of Guangdong COB light source landmark. At the same time, relying on the research and development platform of Foshan Research Institute of Zhongshan University, we can provide the evaluation and testing service of LED lighting related products for our customers.

Companies adhere to the "talent" and "technology", adhering to the "create value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, create profits for shareholders, create wealth for the community" business principles, an active advocate of technology development route production and research cooperation, maintain long-term close cooperation with domestic and foreign famous universities and research institutes, both inside and outside the province of overseas students. Strive to become China's leading semiconductor lighting, chip, light source module industry in the next five years, to achieve "for the realization of energy conservation, health and comfort of the lighting environment and unremitting efforts" great enterprise mission and constantly strive.


Quanshengte Technology

Nanjing Quanshengte Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2003, the spirit of "customer first, scientific and technological innovation, optimize the quality, sincere service" business principles, in the joint efforts of all staff, the performance of rapid growth, won the favor of customers.

The saint company is headquartered in Jiangsu Nanjing, now has sales outlets in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Dongguan, Fujian, Sichuan and other places, and distribution points in expanding, customer needs can be timely and efficient. Our main products are smart bracelet, electronic connectors, pedometer, blood glucose and blood pressure and other medical equipment, and has the ability of independent research and development, design, production. With the continuous expansion of the company's production capacity, product components including the narrow spacing, low height precision terminal, connector and application of wire and other products, the company and part of imported components manufacturers have a long-term good cooperation, and a warehouse in Hongkong, which can meet the needs of brand products and import and export trade customers.


Yongyiyufeng Electrical Lighting

Guangdong Shunde Yongyiyufeng Electrical Lighting Co., Ltd was established in 2001, is located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province are Ann Town, adjacent to the Chinese lighting town and China Hardware City Xiaolan. Yong Yi Yufeng is the ceiling fan lamp leading enterprises, is a set research and development, production and sales of in and out at an is joint-stock (Taiwan funded enterprises). From 2001 began with the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment in the domestic marketing high-end ceiling fan lights, creating a precedent for the domestic industry, to allow domestic consumers to enjoy the advanced countries in Europe and America with the quality of ceiling fan lamp.


Creditforever Electronic

Shenzhen Creditforever Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, is a professional agency selling world class integrated circuit and semiconductor agent enterprises, but also for the specific field of electronic product manufacturers to provide customized product solutions business enterprise. Our company is a designated China regional solution provider of STMicroelectronics ST. Our company is leading brand, its micro KIONIX brand, Shanghai, Shanghai, Zhou lattice and Shanghai Ai Puke micro EPTICORE brand original factory official agents. Our company is also the BOSCH BOSCH brand, Legg INVENSENSE brand, U-blox brand and AKM brand in the plan of the development partners in the field. The company's main business is: MEMS sensor chip, chip positioning, positioning module, communication module, MCU, Bluetooth and other electronic components distributor supply, ST brand, KIONIX brand, brand of micro components and Dean scheme as well as Shanghai, Shanghai and the lattice caused by the Proterozoic Shanghai communication module marketing company at present the main participation and provide smart wearable devices, VR machine, three axis stabilizer solutions of smart products etc.

Our company according to the actual needs of customers, combined with the original electronic components of the promotion strategy and cooperation, to provide product pre-sales, sale, after sale technical support, to provide customers with better selection and solutions. Our company focuses on sensor chip and positioning chip application products market, accumulated a large number of consumer markets, car machine market customers at the same time, while expanding the industrial, intelligent terminals, car networking and the Internet of things market customers.

Team SOLUTION R & D special program of our company can according to marketing ideas of new products factory, with rich experience of sales team to promote effective and accurate, provide electronic product technical support chip technology and domain specific support service for the terminal customer.

The company has a number of professional and high-quality sales team to provide customers with timely and high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service, and thus meet the one-stop customer cooperation requirements. Through direct cooperation with the original factory, our company provides long-term and stable support for the end market customers with stable supply, good faith and superior price and mature and perfect technology.

The company in line with the "good faith to forever" concept, will continue to work with more world-class brand original factory to establish a cooperative relationship, and to improve the R & D product program and technical services to win more customers trust, look forward to your support and cooperation!


Basesd on ISO9001 quality assurance system for management

About us

Joint More Precision Electronics was established in September 2008 and located in China hardware mold famous town of Dongguan Changan, it's adjacent to the special economic zone of Shenzhen. Companies with connectors product design, production and sale as a whole. The main products are HSG, Wafer, header and very widely used in all kinds of home appliance, digital products, computer, communication equipment, modern office equipment, car audio etc, various products meet all kinds of safety requirements in the industry and recognized to UL, CSA, TUV safety agency authority, etc and with the environmental quality of the material guarantee product complies with even more than the ROHS environmental standards. After market test, products exported to Europe and America, southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Taiwan regions.

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High quality, customer centered

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